iShop Delivery - Shopping Concierge and Delivery Service

iShop Delivery - How it Works


Register today, as an iShop Customer.

You will be issued with your very own, UK, USA & South Africa, delivery address.


Begin shopping online at all of your favourite Online Stores.

Or you could take advantage of our iShop Delivery - Assisted Purchasing Service


Have the Retailer send your purchases to your iShop UK, USA, or, S.A address.
Include your name and your iShop Customer number, which you received in your confirmation email, when you registered with iShop.


We will take care of the rest for you.
Including, clearing your goods through local Customs and keeping you fully informed of the progress of delivery, right up to the point where your parcels are safely in your hands.

iShop has been helping people shop at leading retailers in the UK and the USA.  We are committed to improving and developing our service, making it easier and a more pleasurable experience for our customers to shop overseas.

We have designed our own software allowing automated status updates and online tracking.

Providing a simple, fast, hassle free online shopping experience is our aim, allowing you to enjoy shopping, no matter where you are, iShop is here to help.

Register now, for a free account and start Shopping Online today!ishop_logo_arrow

A List of the Countries that we cover:

shop UK high stores from Zambia with iShop shop UK high stores from Zimbabww with iShop shop UK high stores from Nigeria with iShop shop UK high stores from Djibouti with iShop shop UK high stores from Uganda with iShop